Places of Interest

Magic Dancing Waters Live Show

6, Protara Ave., Protaras. (Next to McDonald's in Protaras)
Tel: 99 623143

The World Famous Magic Dancing Waters in the heart of Protaras awaits you and your family for an unforgettable evening out. Experience the Magical Dancing Waters moving to the rhythm of music and be amazed from the Award Winning Volcano Erupting Show and the truly spectacular 3D Animation and Graphics Laser Story Show.

Experience an imaginative performance and be surprised and impressed watching the water dancing to the rhythm of the music, whirling up to 12 meters high or making amazing pirouettes. The music, the water, the lava, the laser, the fire and smoke comprise a unique and spectacular experience only here at Magic Dancing Waters.

Protaras Ocean Aquarium

19, Cavo Greco Ave., Protaras (Just before the Ayia Triada roundabout)
Tel: 23741111

The Protaras Ocean Aquarium, a home of 400+ species, such as piranhas, stingrays, turtles, crocodiles, penguins and many more. Relax, unwind and delve into the depths of the exciting and diverse underwater world or take a walk in our beautiful 12,500m2 tropical gardens.

Protaras Ocean Aquarium is a must-see, and one of the best things to do in Cyprus. A trip to the Protaras Ocean Aquarium is fantastic fun for kids and families.

Moonshine Ranch

Cape Greco. Protaras
Tel: 99605042

Moonshine Ranch has been long established on the outskirts of Protaras. Ride a horse ride into the beautiful Landscape in the undiscovered hinterland and hills above Protaras or to Cavo Greco.

Coming from Ayia Napa take a left turn just before descending into Protaras. There is a large sign there and drive up a short distance of maybe 100 or 200 meter. You will find Moonshine Ranch on your left side.

The horses are available to hire on an hourly basis, but speak to the owners or manager and they will tell you all about it and give you some local Information. All skill levels are happily catered for.

Best times to see the beautiful Nature is spring as everything is green and yellow.

RoomEscape Protaras

11, Protara. Protaras.
Tel: 23103060

RoomEscape Protaras is a live escape game, designed for small groups of 2 to 5 people. You have 60 minutes to overcome a mountain of brain twisting puzzles and escape from a themed room. The task is simple, yet challenging: you must work as a team to find your way out, and do so in time. If you feel like saving the world you can play the "Cold War Bunker", if you want to break free with your inmates you can play the "Prison", but if you want to be a scientist trying to save the humanity from a zombie virus you can play "Zombie Lab".

Family event, team building or bachelor night, it doesn't matter.

Waterworld Waterpark

18, Ayia Thekla. Ayia Napa.
Tel: 23724444

Waterworld waterpark opened its doors in 1996 and has been winning awards ever since, now boasting 25 International awards. Over 4.5 million guests have visited the park which is the largest themed waterpark in Europe and one of Cyprus's biggest attractions. With over 21 thrilling rides for all ages, the park is themed on ancient Greek mythology.
Top attractions include Chariots chase, Aeolos Whirlpool, the River Odyssey and Poseidon wave pool.

Children are well catered for with the Atlantis activity pool, Pegasus Children’s pool and the Trojan adventure. Those seeking a more adrenalin fuelled ride can attempt the Kamikaze slides, Drop to Atlantis and the fall of Icarus.

As well as the rides, visitors have the benefits of free parking, sun loungers and umbrellas, showers and changing facilities. Lockers are available for daily rental. All staff is fully trained and first aid is available if required.

Those spending a day at the park will no doubt want to eat something from the restaurants or snack bars in the park. There is a choice of self-service full meals, pizza, fish and chips as well as a creperia and ice cream parlour.

Parko Paliatso Fun Fair

Nissi Avenue. Ayia Napa (Behind McDonalds)
Tel: 23724744

Parko Paliatso Luna Park opened in 1999 and today covers an area of 25,000 square meters with more than 25 attractions. For smaller children there is a large indoor play area and plenty of rides to enjoy, such as bumper boats, tea-cups, trampolines and carousels. For older children there are also exciting rides such as Blizzard, Viking pirate ship and a rodeo bull. Traditional fairground entertainments such as rifle shooting and darts can also be found. Parko Paliatso is also home to the adrenalin ride Sling Shot which shoots riders 80m into the air in 2 seconds and its illuminated prongs can be seen from all over town.

There is plenty of parking available plus two cafeterias for dining and refreshments.

Napa Bungee

Neophytou Poullou, Nissi Ave., Ayia Napa (Behind McDonalds)
Tel: 99404208

Napa Bungee has a cool vibe for chilling out and watching the jumpers for those who are not so brave. Complete with a pool, a bar, and sun loungers, this is where to head, daytimes or evenings for some entertainment and a fun atmosphere.

Napa Bungee was founded at Nissi Beach in 1983 and maintains a 100% safety record. Hundreds of thousands of people have bungee jumped here over the years from children up to people in their 80's and from first timers to experienced jumpers.

Those looking for something different have jumped in full wedding outfits straight after the ceremony and others have jumped naked. For the less brave tandem jumps are also possible.

Safety is of the utmost importance so all equipment is checked and double checked by 2 people before the jump commences, this procedure has stood Napa Bungee in good stead over the years without the slightest accident ever taking place.

For 2013 they introduced a new 200 foot high jumping platform with panoramic views of the whole of Ayia Napa.

Napa Bungee also holds daytime pool parties and foam parties.

EMW Go-Karts

18, Ayias Theklas. Agia Napa (Next to WaterWorld)
Tel: 23723111

EMW provides a professional circuit to race on, friendly staff, good facilities and is located only a stone’s throw away from the Ayia Napa Waterworld. There are a selection of top quality Go-Karts for beginners and experts alike, giving the best performance and a safe ride.

Cyclops Cave in Konnos Bay

Protaras – Ayia Napa

Cyclops cave is a small cave which can be reached after a comfortable 1.5 km walk from Konnos bay. The cave has 3 to 4 “rooms” and you can find many stalactite formations in this cave. The walk to this cave is a steady walk without much ascent and even kids can be taken along for this walk.

There are numerous spots on this walk overlooking the sea which are ideal for a small picnic. You can also climb down to the sea at many sections of the walk. Also, the route to the cave follows the cliff walls closely and you will be able to see the effect of the wind on the cliff walls. There are interesting rock formations on the cliff walls which provide for a good photo opportunity.

It is located to the east of Ayia Napa between Cape Greko and Protaras. Konnos Bay is a beautiful wind-swept bay which is almost like a secluded beach. You have to go down the slope from the main road through some hairpin bends to reach the beach. The setting of this beach is amazing.

Ayia Napa Sea Caves

Ayia Napa – Cavo Greco

There are numerous sea caves stretching from the Eastern edge of Ayia Napa up towards Cape Greco National Park. Smugglers caves and the palace caves (right) are deep passages in the cliffs only accessible from the sea.

Some go as deep as 80 meters into the rock and at low tide during calm seas it is possible to walk or swim into many of them.

The sea surrounding the caves is crystal clear although rocky. Many people visit this stretch of coast around Cape Greco to snorkel or dive and local people often fish here during the early hours of the morning. The caves are also visited by most boat trips which sail the East coast on a daily basis.

One of the more extreme sports which is popular here is cliff diving or cliff jumping. There are patches of deep sea amongst the rocks which the brave leap several meters into from the cliffs above.

Thalassa Municipal Museum of the sea

14, Kryou Nerou. Ayia Napa.
Tel: 23816366

The Museum is located at the center of Ayia Napa and it has the sea as a subject-matter. It is the first museum of its kind across the Mediterranean region with main principle to present to the audiences, the local and foreign visitors, the impact and the significance of the sea upon the history of the island. The exhibits of the museum cover a chronological span, from paleontological to historic periods until present times.

The museum is a three story building made by marble, onyx, wood, metal and offers unique experiences appealing to all our senses with its ‘bird eye view’. It incorporates seven levels and the paleontological, geological, archaeological, marine life exhibits are presented in underground showcases, where the visitors are able to walk and view the objects from the top, in modern showcases, exhibits freely placed in the museum whereas other they are hanging from the roof.

An attractively designed cafeteria, a gift shop, an open air amphitheater and a multipurpose hall for periodic shows, lectures, seminars, and workshops supplement this contemporary Municipal museum complex.

Sculpture Park

Ayia Napa – Cavo Greco

Set amongst the natural rocky landscape on the east side of Ayia Napa in an area of 20.000 sq.m., on a hill that looks out to the sea, it is characterized by an unbelievable natural beauty and an amazing panoramic view. At the park you can admire many impressive sculptures from various Cypriot and international artists like Tomas Eller from Austria, Vasilisa Chugunova from Russia, Strefano Sabetta from Italy and Gadadhar Oiha from India, amongst others. Every year in May, Ayia Napa Municipality organizes the Sculpture Symposium, aiming to establish the International Sculpture Park as a work of Pan-European Scope and many artists gather to exchange views and share experiences.

You can also share your experience with your friends, by visiting this magnificent natural art park daily with no entrance fee.


Ayia Napa

One of the most important monuments preserved within the boundaries of the Ayia Napa municipality is the aqueduct, which for hundreds of years supplied with water the monastery and the whole region.

The monument in its present state of preservation is an alteration of the original Roman aqueduct, occurred during the Frankish period when the monastery was build. The source of the water is to be found somewhere on the hills between Ayia Napa and Protaras. Up to the year 1974 the original visible route of the channel was marked by a barrel-shaped structure at the locality of Mana tou Nerou, known by traditionally as the House of the Greeks.

From that point the aqueduct ran all the way to the monastery following the natural contours of the bedrock. The builders exploited the principles of gravity in order to deliver water to the Monastery. At two locations, along its route, monolithic troughs incorporated in the channel were acting as settling chambers in order to collect heavy impurities. At the same time these intercepting chambers facilitated the smooth running of water at the start of each curve.

The Makronissos Tombs

Ayia Napa - Makronissos
Tel: 23 816 300

The Tombs of Makronissos are situated west of Ayia Napa and consist of 19 rock-cut tombs, a small sanctuary and an ancient quarry.

The sanctuary is a simple rectangular enclosure, made of large irregular blocks. The tombs were used during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, and although they were subject to severe looting over the years (from 1872), archaeologists believe that the deceased were placed in clay sarcophagus that were originally covered with three flat tiles.

The tomb’s rectangular entrance originally closed with one or two slabs, and Pyres were found on the surface, characteristic of Greek burial customs. Most of the chambers are almost identical with a rectangular trench in the middle and three benches at the side.

The Traditional Cypriot House

5, Ayia Marina Street. Paralimni.
Tel: 23819300

It is an old house, built at the beginning of the 19th century, with the sun room facing south.

Originally, it consisted of the double room, a smaller room with an arch and the sun room with two arches. There was a water-well and an enclosure in the center of the yard.

The Traditional House was renovated in 2010. A third room was added to the original building as a continuation of the sun room, as well as covered areas on the eastern and western sides of the yard, wash rooms and a boiler room in the basement.

An attempt was made to harmonize the old, renovated house with the new additions, in order that the building could function as an exhibition home. The house features: the sun room with two stone-built arches and a stone column in the center; the traditional double room with a big stone arch in its center, a window high up on the northern wall and a door and two windows to the left and right of the southern wall. Typical, fitted plaster shelves can be seen high up on the entire northern wall as well as on the eastern and western walls. The small room consists of a stone-built arch in its center, a single door with no windows and a small fitted plaster shelf to the left of its entrance

The new room which has been added has its entrance via the sun room, a door and two windows facing the yard. Showcases have been built on the walls of the room to hold the exhibits. The covered areas have been built using wooden columns and beams.

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