Protaras & Ayia Napas Beaches

12 + 1 Beautiful Beaches in Protaras and Ayia Napa you have to Visit

The eastern coast of Cyprus is renowned for its fantastic assortment of beaches considered by many to be the best on the entire island. From the famous and popular Fig Tree Bay and Nissi Beach to the more secluded stretches at Cape Greco, Pernera and Macronissos, the Protaras and Ayia Napa region are lined by glorious beaches, many of which have been awarded Blue Flag status for their outstanding water quality and public facilities. From dreamy coves to popular hip and happening strips, there’s something for everyone! Go on, make a mighty splash!


The most popular beach in Protaras, Fig Tree Bay takes its name from a solitary fig tree that stands a small distance from the beach. According to local legend, the tree arrived with eastern invaders in the 17th century and has patrolled the coastline ever since.
Protaras’ expansion as a tourist center owes much to the beauty of Fig Tree Bay. Drawn to the area by this picturesque coastline, developers lined the bay with hotels, bars and restaurants for the bourgeoning tourist population to enjoy.
The beach itself is lovely if not a little crowded at the height of the summer season; its fine-grained white sand yielding to deep blue waters that are both shallow and clear. Just a few hundred meters from the beach sits a small rocky island that adventurous swimmers can reach and explore. The bay also hosts a variety of water sports - surfing, waterskiing, paragliding etc. - and is serviced by a lifeguard between the hours of 10am-6pm.


An ideal place to avoid the summer crowds, Green Bay beach is located to the south of Protaras beach. While the bay has few facilities save for the obligatory sun loungers and parasols available to hire, it is as good a spot as any for a leisurely swim. The small sandstone platforms to the south of the beach also provide a nice setting for a picnic.
Green Bay is not as well signposted as some of the other beaches in the area making it slightly difficult to locate. For those journeying to Protaras from Ayia Napa, it is worth noting that Green Bay is the first beach you will encounter en route.


The last of the beaches north of Protaras, Kapparis beach has fine golden sands and shallow blue waters. Secluded and unspoilt, the beach has basic facilities but is extremely popular with locals happy to bypass the busier tourist beaches further south.


A secluded little beach at the foot of a rocky climb, Konnos Beach is located around 2km north of Cape Greco. Awarded a prestigious Blue Flag for its undoubted quality, Konnos is amongst Cyprus’ most picturesque beaches with fine golden sands and beautifully clear turquoise waters. Lined by steep hills, the beach is sheltered from heavy winds, keeping the water practically wave-free and easily swimmable.
The facilities at Konnos are good with toilets, changing rooms and showers all available. Sun loungers and parasols are also available to rent. For the more active, a variety of water sports can be enjoyed, with paragliding, waterskiing, motor boating and jet skiing amongst the possibilities. The beach is also patrolled by a lifeguard from 10am-6pm.


Close to the resort of Pernera, Louma is a popular sandy beach just north of the main Protaras strip. Protected by a manmade bay, the sand here is soft and fine: a pleasure to stroll along barefooted. As one of the district’s many Blue Flag accredited beaches, the water here is unsurprisingly clean and shelves calmly on to the sands. To the north, a cluster of trees provide shelter from the sun: an ideal place to sit back and gaze across the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
The beach has good facilities, with sun beds and parasols available to hire and a variety of water sports to try including banana boat rides, waterskiing and paragliding. Louma also provides disabled access, public toilets and is patrolled by lifeguards from 10am-6pm.


Surrounded by an assortment of restaurants and taverns, Pernera P is a Blue Flag accredited beach located on the northern border of Protaras.
Sun beds and parasols are available to hire and a variety of water sports can be enjoyed. Lifeguards patrol the beach between 10am and 6pm.


Amongst the busiest beaches in Protaras, the eponymous Protaras beach has a long strip of fine golden sand and shallow waters for snorkeling. Awarded a Blue Flag accreditation for its cleanliness and water quality, the beach is a short distance from the resort center and easily accessible on foot.
In addition to the various water sports on offer, boat trips exploring the Famagusta coastline can be taken from the beaches jetties. For the less adventurous, sun beds and parasols are available for hire.
The beach is patrolled by lifeguards between the hours of 10am-6.00am, has disabled access and toilet facilities on site.


A thin stretch of sand just off the road between Ayia Napa and Protaras, Sirena Bay is a tiny secluded cove that has little in the way of facilities save for a tree covered bar and restaurant. From here you can take a break from sunbathing and enjoy splendid views across the sea while dining on traditional Cypriot cuisine.


This stretch of beach, just before you reach Ayia Napa proper, used to be practically empty. But it did not take long for people to discover just how pretty it is, with some people now gravitating away from the Ayia Napa and Protaras hub to this lovely spot. Now boasting sunbeds across the entire stretch it does get busy – especially at the weekend – but it is never unbearably packed.
Do keep in mind that the waters here are shallow and rocky, so it is not the place to go for a long swim but it is ideal for kicking back, sunbathing and enjoying a good book. And when you are ready for a stroll, the lovely blue and white Ayia Thekla Chapel beckons, perched on a nearby cliff.


It can get overly crowded. It is not ideal for people who are searching for peace and quiet. But it does not stop Nissi Beach from claiming pride of place as one of the most beautiful stretches on the island, often hailed one of the most gorgeous beaches in the entire Mediterranean region by international media.
If you do not like the sound of music and the chatter of people when you are at the beach, then this is not the place for you. But if you love to work on your tan with a hub of activity around you as well-oiled bodies parade near the water’s edge while downing their favourite cool drink to the beats of the summer’s hottest tunes, then voila: this will be your idea beachside paradise. That is not to forget thrilling water sports rides and bustling beach bars where tourists and locals mix and mingle.


The main long Makronissos stretch is where most people congregate, with the Levels Beach Bar really popular of late, but if you are looking for peace and quiet, then all you have to do is walk past the watersports and onto another tiny rather heavenly cove.
And there are countless tales from years ago coming to life behind this pretty cove, with the Makronissos tombs begging to be discovered. Used during the Hellenistic and Roman period, nineteen of them have been excavated to date alongside a small sanctuary to the east of the burial grounds and part of an ancient quarry adjacent to the cemetery. Aside from a taste of history, the cove adjacent to this (still part of the Makronissos stretch) is yet another relatively quiet spot, home to the Dome Beach Hotel and the increasingly popular Beach house Dome; a lovely beach-bar where you can grab a cocktail and unwind to chilled out tunes.


Translated as the ‘Sweet Water’ beach, this place is just a stone’s throw away from the so called ‘Lovers Bridge’ and the magnificent Ayia Napa Sea Caves. A wide stretch of fine golden sands, there is always space at this beach, no matter how busy it gets.
The perfect spot for you if you love a game of beach rackets and do not want to be squeezed into a confined bay, there are also heaps of amenities at hand: beach bars, restaurants, countless hotels, showers, toilets and more. And there are plenty of watersports to keep you busy here too! The sea can get rather choppy on a windy day so stay away if calm waters are what you are after, but if you love splashing about in the waves, you will have a whale of a time.


Kermia is a small bay, sometimes referred to as Limnara Beach. It is a couple of kilometers from Ayia Napa at the edge of the Cape Greco national park. It can be reached from the road through the Kermia Beach Bungalows complex or on foot along the coastal path which leads from Ayia Napa harbour to Cape Greco. It is a sandy beach leading to rock pools at the edges. It has few other facilities and is generally a quiet and peaceful beach.
Ammos Tou Kambouri is off the beaten track and is reached via an unsurfaced pathway just past the Ayia Napa sea caves. It is a small quiet sandy beach with plenty of rock pools.