About Cyprus

Cyprus is situated in the North Eastern end of the Mediterranean sea. With an area of 9,251 sq km and 1,141,160 population (est 2013) is the third largest island of the region.

Cyprus has subtropical – Mediterranean climate, with long warm Summer periods, mid May – mid October and mild Winters, December – February.

Average Summer temperatures: May 27oC, June 30oC, July 33oC, August 32oC, September 29oC, October 24oC.

Average sea temperature stays above 20oC from June to November and rises up to 27oC in August.

The eastern coast is famous for its fine white sandy beaches with shallow turquoise waters. Deep water bays with rocky outcrops are perfect for snorkeling or diving.

The island is occupied mainly by Greek Cypriots 72%, 17,6 foreign residents and 9,6 Turkish Cypriots. Official language is Greek but English is widely spoken all over Cyprus.

Currency: Euro

Cyprus is a member of the European Union since 2004 and joined the Eurozone in 2008.

Today Cyprus has become an International business center with a tourist industry that experiences nothing short of a revolution, with over 3 million arrivals every year.